Summer Weight Loss Tips-Building Healthy Habits

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Forget about New Year’s Resolution, try making a summer resolution instead. There is a feeling when we begin a new year and pull out a new yearly calendar that we also need to start with new habits that will improve our life and help us lose weight. However, this not an ideal time to make habit changes. January is in the middle of winter; the weather is cold and the days are short. It is more natural to make habit changes when the seasons begin to change.  As summer months begin, the air begins to become warm and the days become longer.  This is a time when small habits are easy to change as we naturally want to change with the season.  Here are some easy healthy habits that can help you lose weight and improve your overall health in the summer months.

Replace sugary beverages with fruit infused water:

It is important to stay hydrated in the warm summer months.  Try replacing sugary beverages with fruit infused water.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to adding a bit of natural sweetness to your water.  Try fresh berries, melons, lemon, lime, cucumbers and even mint.  There are even convenient water infusers to help you add your favorite fruits to your water.

Go on an evening walk: 

With the days being longer and warmer weather, evening walks seem more tempting then evening walks in the middle of winter.  Try making the habit of going on an evening walk right after dinner, and before you begin the dinner clean up.  Research suggest that gentle walks after dinner actually helps your food digest.  Start off with a quick walk around the block.  Even a quick 10-minute walk can make a huge difference to your weight loss success and your overall health.

Eat a lighter dinner:

In the summer months, our bodies naturally crave foods that are cooling and with so many fruits and vegetable in season, eating plenty of fruits and veggies can be more accessible.  This is a great time to enjoy a refreshing salad for dinner. Other lighter options can include a refreshing chilled soup like gazpacho.  If your grilling outside, grilled meat and vegetables are good options, while choosing lighter meats such as poultry or fish. 

Replace that nightly ice cream with a bowl of fresh fruit:

So many delicious fruits are in season in the summer months like, peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines, melons, and blueberries.  Sweet fruits are a perfect replacement to curb that sweet tooth.