Fun Way to Stay Active


 A fun way to stay active this summer is to sign up for a local race.  If you have never entered a race, it can seem a bit intimidating at first.  I remember my first race, I was scared that I didn’t train enough, that everyone there was going to elite runners and that I didn’t have the right clothes to wear.  My fear completely diminished once I got my number and walked around the starting area.  Most races are not filled with dedicated runners, but rather people of all ages and sizes.  The energy is so motivating and it truly makes it fun to get out and get active.   It can be even more rewarding we you running for a charity.  Start with a 5K as your first event.  A 5K is 3.4 miles and many races will be a walk or run event.  If a race still seems a bit intimidating, there are many fun themed runs, such a bubble runs, color runs, neon runs, and even zombie runs.  


Tips for joining a race:

1.     You can find fun races at or and search for a 5K in your area.

2.     Get your entire family involved.  It is great to get the kids involved.  If the kids are too young to enter the race, get out your stroller.  Some races may even be dog friendly.

3.     Get your friends to join.  There is nothing better than having the support of a friend to not only train with, but to enjoy the race with.

4.     Create a training schedule to prepare for your race.  You can find great training tips and training programs at

5.     Most importantly, have fun!