Is weighing yourself every day a good thing?  Does weighing yourself help keep you on track or does it cause a sense of frustration? Some weight loss experts say to weigh yourself in the morning to help manage your weight, whiles others claim to avoid the scale and goby how you feel and how your clothes fit.

So which way is correct?  Well I would say it depends on your individual personality.  When trying to lose weight, the accolades you receive by seeing the numbers decrease, can help continue to motivate you through your journey.  But how does that make you feel when the scale goes up or stays the same?  Does the help motivate you or does this affect your mood?

I personally weigh myself every day as a “check and balance” system.  However, I know exactly what the scale is going to say even before I step on it based on how my body feels.  When my numbers go a little higher than I like, I put myself in check with what I eat.  If the numbers are lower or where I would like to be, I find that I give myself permission to overindulge a little in foods that I would normally be avoiding.  Could the scale be to blame for the constant ups and downs in my weight?

Take a moment to see how the scale impacts you.  If you find weighing yourself is negatively impacted by the scale, try these tips to help measure your weight loss success without the scale.

1.     Look in the mirror.  Are you seeing improvement in the way you look?

2.     Clothes test.  How are your clothes fitting?  Many times the scale does not reflect the inches you have lost.

3.     Energy Level.  When you shift to a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and eat healthy, your energy level often increases too. 

4.     Self-confidence.  How are you feeling about yourself?  As we lose weight, we begin to feel better about ourselves.

5.     Daily habits.  Focus on sticking to your healthy habits by eating healthy and moving your body.