Why is Breakfast Important for Weight Loss

Eating breakfast not only helps you lose weight, but helps you maintain a healthy weight.  Studies have shown that breakfast eaters tend to eat fewer calories throughout the day, have lower cholesterol and overall better health than those who skip breakfast.    

When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar drops causing you to become hungry and have less energy.  When you allow your body to get to the point of hunger, you set yourself up for impulse eating, binge eating or making unhealthy choices.  Eating a healthy breakfast will make you feel nourished and satisfied, making you more likely to make good choices for the rest of the day. 

A breakfast high in fiber and protein is an essential part of your weight loss program.    A breakfast high in fiber helps reduce your calorie intake and provides a feeling of fullness.  A breakfast high in fiber also helps to reduce glucose levels and helps to reduce the risk of diabetes.  A breakfast high in protein will digest slower and provide energy for a longer period of time.  Studies have shown that a breakfast high in protein can reduce snacking and help control your appetite throughout the day.

Here are some quick and nutritious choices to get your day off to a good start, some can be prepared the night before:

·      Whole-grain cereal with skim or low fat milk topped with fruit

·      Fruit smoothie made with Greek yogurt

·      Oatmeal topped with fruit, almonds and milk

·      Poached egg on a piece of whole grain toast with a piece of fruit

·      Hardboiled egg and whole grain toast

·      Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit and almonds

·      Whole grain toast topped with almond butter and honey