Eating Mindfully

Practicing mindful eating is an important tool in losing weight and maintaining healthy eating habits.  In our busy lives we often find ourselves eating too quickly, not chewing our food thoroughly, and not paying attention to what we are eating or how much we are eating.   Eating mindfully allows us to pay attention to our bodies and what we put into our bodies.  It allows us to notice hunger and fullness signals and allows us the opportunity to enjoy and savor our food. 

Here are some mindful eating tips you can do to help incorporate into your daily practice.

Listen to your body

·       Eat only when you are hungry.

·       Stop eating when you feel full.

·       Observe how certain foods make you feel.

Set the mood for food

·       Set aside meal times to avoid eating on the go.

·       Sit at the table during meals.

·       Avoid watching TV, reading, or being on your phone during meals.

·       Eat on plates, not out of boxes or bags.

·       Set the table with flowers or candles to create a relaxing setting.

Slow it down

·       Practice gratitude.  Give thanks for those who grew, harvested, and prepared your food.

·       Slow down while chewing.  Try chewing each bite 20 times.

·       Try putting your fork down in between bites to help savor your meal.