Chicken and Vegetable Quesadilla


1 cup red bell pepper, sliced

1 cup yellow bell pepper sliced

2 cups fresh baby spinach

2 boneless chicken breasts

1 cup finely grated reduced fat jack cheese.

4 whole wheat tortillas

1 tbsp. olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Sliced avocado as a garnish

Salsa as a garnish


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Place chicken on a baking sheet and season with salt and pepper.  Place in oven and bake for 30-40 minutes. In a large saucepan, heat oil over medium heat.  Add the sliced red and yellow bell pepper to the saucepan.  Stir occasionally, until peppers are tender for about 10 minutes.  Remove pepper from the pan.  Once chicken is done cooking, cut into small cubes.   In a large saucepan, heat pan over medium heat.  Place a tortilla in the preheated pan.  Add 2 tablespoons of grated cheese onto ½ of the tortilla.  Add about a ¼ cup of peppers on top of the cheese.  Add about a ¼ cup of the diced chicken. Add a ¼ cup of the uncooked spinach then top with another 2 tablespoons of grated cheese.  Fold the tortilla in half.  You may need to hold the tortilla down with a spatula.  After about 30-40 seconds, flip the Quesadilla.  Cook the other side for about 40-60 seconds or until the cheese has completely melted.  Garnish with fresh avocado and salsa.