Essential Elements of our Men’s Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation and evaluation is completed over two office visits.

First office visit includes:

· Consultation

· Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

Second office visit includes:

· Comprehensive Physical Exam

· Comprehensive review of laboratory results

· Hormone Replacement Treatment Plan 

*TRT programs are individualized.  Not every patient will be a good candidate for the TRT program.  Programs will be determined based on individual health history and laboratory findings.

Tesosterone Replacement Therapy 12 Week Program

Each 12 Week program includes the following:

· Testosterone injection

· Estrogen blockers

· HCG injections

Follow-up Laboratory Testing

Follow up laboratory testing is completed after every 12 week cycle to determine the individualized Testosterone Replacement Therapy program. 

TRT programs are individualized.  Ongoing treatment and care will be determined based on individual laboratory findings.